EuroCham is looking for council members

Author: Dutch Chamber of Commerce

The European Chamber of Commerce is looking for Council members! 

The councils of the European Chamber of Commerce are composed of members of the National Chambers and bring experts from business sectors to discuss policy, regulation, and market access and engage with the Government and other relevant stakeholders. They also do research and study European-related business, trade and investment topics relevant to Hong Kong and Macau and the rest of the Greater Bay Area and facilitate networking.

At the moment, there are six business councils, with four councils actively looking for new members:

  1. European Sourcing & Trading Council
  2. European Council for Sustainable Development
  3. Intellectual & Property Rights Business Council
  4. European Travel & Tourism Council


Note that in order to join a EuroCham business council, companies/individuals need to be members of one (or more) national chambers of EuroCham. Plus, an annual fee applies when joining a council. You can find the Fee Scheme here

You can find an overview of EuroCham and its business councils via this link

Please contact when interested or in need of more information!