Soft Landing Kit

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Looking to set up your company in Hong Kong? Great news! DutchChamHK is here to help you build & support your business in Hong Kong and beyond!

To ensure you a soft landing in Hong Kong, we have selected a list of preferred service providers in Hong Kong that have a strong Dutch heritage and who are most able and willing to assist you in the entire process.

We only need a few details about your (upcoming) business. And no worries, there are no fees or strings attached and everything is on a voluntary base! We will forward your details to ourpreferred service providers who will then contact you directly to discuss your case and help you with any further questions.

Click here to access the English form or here for the Dutch version.


To start your company in Hong Kong, did you know that
  • You have to register a limited liability company in Hong Kong, generally comparable to a Dutch B.V. 
  • The company requires one or more shareholders and directors as well as a registered address in Hong Kong. 
  • The company will not be incorporated by a local notary but registered by a local service provider with the Hong Kong Companies Registry, a government body somewhat comparable to the Dutch “KvK”.
  • The company requires the appointment of a local company secretary who will assist you in going forward and keeping the company in good standing.
  • The company’s annual financial statements are required to be audited in support of the annual tax return filing.

For more in-depth information please find herewith the link to guide to setting-up business in Hong Kong.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at