Whataboutgreen launched their online store

Author: Dutch Chamber of Commerce

In a world where the environmental impact of businesses becomes increasingly important for the consumer, Green Branding has a positive effect on the image of a company.  Implementing Green Branding and sustainable practices into your company will not only contribute to a positive brand image, but it also makes you and your employees feel engaged in contributing to a better environment.

Governments and corporations should lead the way in the process of leading the consumer to more sustainable shopping behaviour, and Whataboutgreen allows them to do so. Whataboutgreen offers a wide variety of sustainable relationship gifts, that are responsibly sourced, from organic materials, and often directly contribute to eliminating single use plastics. To lead by example, we donate 10% of our Gross Profit directly to reforestation projects.

We recently launched our Eco-Friendly Gift baskets, perfect as End-of-Year gifts and they are now available for wholesale and fully customizable with your own logo. Please contact us at joost@whataboutgreen.eu for more information.