Introduction Reverse Diabetes2 program starting in October 2019

Author: Dutch Chamber of Commerce


A new, successful Dutch programme, Reverse Diabetes2 Now, will be starting in Hong Kong this October. The Dutch foundation (non profit) Voeding Leeft launched this programme in the Netherlands in 2014, to help reverse the trend on this rapidly growing disease that has a big impact on society. Since 2014 over 1500 people have taken part to reverse their type 2 diabetes. And with success. 9 out of 10 people benefit from it - after 12 months, 92% of people are either fully or partially reversed: using less medication, having better blood values or even no longer using any medication at all. The outcomes of the 2014/15 pilot study were recently published in the British Medical Journal. 


About the programme

Reverse Diabetes2 Now is developed as an intense combined lifestyle intervention, focussing on nutrition, physical activity, sleep and  relaxation, with the aim to eliminate - or significantly reduce - the usage of insulin and other type 2 diabetes medication. It is providing support and care during the process of reversal and it incorporates a toolkit to help patients maintain a healthier lifestyle thereafter. The result of this intervention is a drastic improvement in quality of life. The RD2N programme is run under strict supervision of a medical specialist, supported by a dietician and a lifestyle coach. 


Introduction in HongKong starting in October

Mid October the first programme will start in October. The start two days will be held at the Silvermine Beach Resort and after 1, 3 and 6 months the group of about 15 participants will meet again in the Matilda International Hospital. During and after the 6 month programme an online-community will be an important tool to share experiences, tips, recipes with the group and to ask for guidance from the expert team that supports them. 


How could you help? 

Almost 1 million people in HK suffer from diabetes2, so most likely you will know people in your network who suffer from this disease. It would be great if you can let them know about this initiative   ( or like and share the FB page: