Hong Kong Arts Festival 2021

Author: Dutch Chamber of Commerce

Have you ever thought about how it might feel to be stricken with dementia, to find yourself losing your grasp to your memory and to the world around you?

This theatrical concert from the Netherlands Chamber Choir brings audiences on an evocative journey through the mind of a dementia sufferer.

Exclusively produced and recorded in Dec 2020 for “No Limits”, Forgotten is a timely response to the circumstances and tells the story of a doctor who, after years of treating dementia patients, begins to notice signs he too is getting it. Something that has until now happened to others is now hitting closer to home. The viewer is brought through the stages of the condition, as the protagonist’s memory fails.

Learn about the challenges surmounted by dementia sufferers and those who take care of them in this moving spectacle, with lyrics by renowned Dutch musician Spinvis and conducted by Peter Dijkstra.

Forgotten is a rollercoaster of emotions and an exploration of a condition that is increasingly common in the elderly, yet poorly understood by many. It will be equally of interest to those already living with dementia and those who wish to learn more about it.

Registration starts on: 9 Feb 2021 (Tue) 10am 
Available from: 8 Mar 2021 (Mon) 10am — 31 Mar 2021 (Wed) 11pm 

For more information and to register please click here: https://www.nolimits.hk/en/nkk-forgotten/