'Cheers!' Series: Me and the Flea by Lichtbende (The Netherlands)

Author: Dutch Chamber of Commerce

Me and the flea is a hilarious slapstick about an adorable street dog that found a new home with a caring family.  What the family does not know is that there is a family of fleas hidden in its fur... A terror for the entire household!  They try to fight against the fleas in all possible ways.  A witty and bizarre story with a surprising ending...

With the amazing magic lantern and live music, Lichtbende will introduce a fantasy world of light and shadow to the audience. Since its founding in 2010, Lichtbende has created light art performances which make a multi-layered reality visible and tangible by combining antique magic lanterns with livel music.  

Best for ages 4+ (Audience aged 3 and above are welcome)