Marketing Intern

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
2 weeks ago

The Marketing Intern supports all marketing activities in regards to Dutch Chamber member’s strategy. From organising functions and events to engage with existing members and to setting up survey’s. Research, organisation talent and networking skills are just a few of the qualities you will have to use in this internship. Understanding how to use social media and digital marketing to formulate a new plan to improve the current strategy. 

Furthermore, the Marketing Intern will assist in all other day-to-day marketing activities in implementing Dutch Chamber’s overall communications- and marketing plan -- to build awareness about Dutch Chamber within the community, and to increase events attendance and online advertising sales.


  • Direct support to the Marketing and Events Manager
  • Help refine social media strategy and best practices to improve visibility of Dutch Chamber in business community and to strengthen engagement with members
  • Develop and actively promote online advertising related to themes (magazine and events) 
  • Setting up survey’s
  • Research on different CRM system options
  • Assist in managing social media channels (primarily LinkedIn) and editorial calendar to ensure content is timely, relevant, and engaging 
  • Assist in organising events for different committees
  • Prepare bi-weekly updates and reports to track growth and success rates of communication tools and events 
  • Keep up to date and informed on new social media trends and adapt accordingly 


  • Ability to take initiative, employ good judgment, and manage project from beginning to end 
  • Ability to manage details 
  • Ability to meet deadlines and to anticipate next steps or needs 
  • Work effectively both independently and as part of a team 
  • Understands and can utilize emerging platforms, digital media, and web/social media management and measurement tools (e.g. Google Analytics,…) 
  • Google tracking and analytics experience a plus 
  • A bachelor’s degree (or currently enrolled  last year student) in Communication & MMD, (Digital) Marketing Management, Digital Marketing & Social Media or Commerciele Economie/ Digital Marketing get priority 
  • Good writing and editing skills in English
  • Full time internship (5 days), no 9 – 5 mentality




  • Résumé building experience in marketing and communications management, and other aspects of community relations, inter-cultural marketing, and the Hong Kong business environment.
  • Ample network opportunities
  • Learn first hand how non-profit member driven organisations operate and what happens behind the scenes
  • Get valuable insights into Hong Kong's business industries and about advancing Netherlands - Hong Kong - China business relations


General Manager and Marketing and Events Manager


Start date September 2022, commitment for a period of at least 5 months.