Tax Committee


As 'The Dutch' traditionally play a substantial role in the area of tax services, as can be seen in Hong Kong as well, the Chamber initiated a Tax Committee to share knowledge and information. Most companies active in the area of tax deal with the same regulators, are subject to similar changes in law and regulations and face similar trends and developments in the market. This platform enables the platform members to network, to learn from each other’s experiences and to share information on the latest tax developments.


The Tax committee organises Tax Roundtables and events to inform the general membership base of the Dutch Chamber on the latest tax developments. In addition, the Tax Committee organizes a networking cocktail for Dutch tax professionals in a broad sense once a year, to promote knowledge sharing between members.

Members of the Tax Committee 

Mr. Jeroen van Mourik, Ernst & Young China / Hong Kong (Chair)
Mr. Eric Kampman, LGT Bank (Hong Kong)
Mr. Willem Jan Hoogland, HKWJ Tax Law & Partners Limited
Mr. Harmen Rosing, ASML
Mr. Rogier van Veldhuizen, Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong