PR & Pub Committee - Business Talk

Over the last years there has been a transition across the world from paper first to digital first. In Hong Kong where internet penetration is at 95.6%, many media are following suit especially pushed by decreasing advertising and difficulty in standing out in a world of noise. Notable in 2022, HK01 ceased its newspaper, followed by U Magazine in 2023. 

The same goes for the Dutch Chamber. In the PR & Pub Committee we have been working hard to get relevant and interesting content from our members to your door in the version of a printed magazine. The team regularly brainstorms on what articles could be interesting, which company we haven’t heard from in a while and what may be interesting to the community.

It's especially the community (as well as increased cost in a world of reduced advertising), that we focus on. We hope with the new digital version that we can do more. At the moment the content is mainly driven by the Marketing Committee based on our 2–3-month content cycle. With the move to the digital Business Talk we hope that this becomes a two-way street. 

Let us know when you have interesting content. Do you have a major development that impacts the Dutch community? Do you have an interesting business case to share? Do you want to share about your latest product? We would love to hear from you so we can provide more value with our content and help you be more successful in what you do. 

You will also be hearing more from the Dutch Chamber on what we do and where we are representing the Dutch community to provide a bit more context and insight into the daily work from the office team and the board. 

Besides working on the content, we also support the office team with ideas on the marketing outreach and how we can ensure that we are on top of the trends. We are always looking for new people to join and support us. And let us know what you think about our new direction, where we can improve and what we can do better to provide you with more value.