The Green World - Revisited - An Opportunity for You

While trying to describe the developments in the Green World in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong for some time now, it may be interesting to hear from you and your fellow organisations how they are doing and give you the opportunity as well to come forward and explain your strategy.

To promote knowledge-sharing and increase efforts towards building a greener world, we are thrilled to introduce a novel way for readers to share their experiences, thoughts, and outcomes. 

Our proposal involves setting a 30-minute call/zoom/FaceTime etc. to comprehend your organization's policies, technologies, and achievements, and sharing the same with our extensive audience, including those in the Greater Bay Area with whom we foresee future partnerships. The outcome will be published in a contribution to the newsletter, with content of max 500 words.

Should you be interested in participating, kindly notify us by sending an email to: for further assistance, including a discussion outline designed to familiarize you with our approach. 

We welcome any suggestion you may have to improve this idea. Rather than writing about dos and don'ts, this is your paramount opportunity to exemplify your ongoing efforts in ESG, wherein the environment plays a pivotal role in preserving the beauty that is planet Earth.

The E in ESG stands for Environment. This time, I would like to focus a bit on Pollution. While the topic of CO2 and other emissions have a lot of attention, and rightfully so. But it is crucial to realize that pollution is a major threat to the way we live.

Polluted rivers, beaches, oceans, streets, cities, landfills etc. etc. the list horrible. By polluting the environment, and growing every year, we will slowly but surely destroy our planet. Is that the legacy we offer?

From another point of view, it is worrying that lately articles were published about the cost and effectiveness of the implementation of ESG versus the need to make a profit as an organization. Of course, organizations need financial sustainability, no debate here. The challenge however is to do so along with the effort to improve the health of the planet.

It is known that combining the two is not always easy or impossible. Take the discussions about the use and disposal of plastics for example. Here’s where innovative technology, business leadership but also Government support is vital. The creation of a money stream by f.e. tax (the polluter pays, companies and citizens alike) is crucial to ensure we can afford to make the world a better place and at the same time keep companies healthy. But law and its enforcement are equally important.

Always interested in your views, we hope this new approach will bring new ideas, sharing proven approaches for the benefit of us all.


Bernard Scheffens