Zume Company Limited is looking for a Dutch musician

4 months ago

Background Information

Zume Company Limited (Zume) is a local company in Hong Kong specializing in the development of cultural projects (e.g. music and art) and their transformation into products and experiences accessible to the public. Our current and future projects include French music workshops, a series of projects promoting pipe organ music, and new music production that address local social issues, such as schoolchildren suicide, LGTBQ, etc.

Possible Programme on European Ethnic Music

We are now planning to produce a musical programme that aim at popularizing European ethnic music and cultures. This programme may later be broadcasted by major local radio stations (e.g. RTHK) via a sponsorship arrangement. Each episode would discuss the genres of music often heard in various European countries, one at a time, so that our audience would learn to appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of ethnic music, backed by necessary cultural understanding.

Details of the Programme

Given the pandemic situation and the consequential limitations on air travel, it is almost impossible for music enthusiasts and travelers to go to concerts and music venues elsewhere. An introduction of European ethnic music and cultures on the radio could therefore be especially appetitive. It might even encourage travelling to those countries once the bans are lifted.

Netherlands is on the top of our wish list of the countries we would like to explore into. From the traditional dance music and influential organist Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, to the contemporary electronic dance music and Levenslied, Netherlands is naturally exciting to our potential audience.

In order to offer the most capturing experience, we would like to invite Dutch currently residing in Hong Kong to be our programme’s guests, sharing with us their tradition and even performing with their traditional musical instruments. The musical performance will be intertwined with interviews and discussion on Dutch history, culture, and special insights to local society that bring pleasant surprise to HK people.

Contact Information

Should anyone be interested about the programme, please feel free to contact the following person:

Anthony Yung
Tel: 68922796
E-mail: zumeaiinfo@gmail.com

More information: 

Mobile: 60148444


Instragram: zume_music
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRDNGm1kqD4kuUNdFGwWRlw