Supply Chain Talks - The must watch talk show for global supply chain professionals.

09-28-2021 10:00 PM - 09-28-2021 10:45 PM
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In this edition of Supply Chain Talks we talk to different partners who have made safety and security their top priority: 


Evelien Bras – Director, FERM (cyber resilience)

Marcel van Bruggen – Logistics Manager, ABC Logistics

Sarah Geerts-Lachman – Teamleader, Dutch Tax and Customs Administration

Rob Gutteling – Head of Vessel Traffic Services / Deputy Harbourmaster, Port of Rotterdam Authority

Hans Nagtegaal – Director Containers, Port of Rotterdam Authority

Daco Sol – Programme Manager Logistics, Supervision & Supply Chain, FreshProduce Centre

Raoul Tan – Director, Naviporta


In this edition we cover: 

- An in-depth talk about the current disruptions in container shipping;

- The increasing cyber threat as businesses are accelerating the digitization of their operations;

- Mitigating cyber risks in today’s logistics chain;

- Paperless, fast and safe handling of goods and documentation to the UK via blockchain technology;

- How the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration contributes to the safety of the port of Rotterdam and the European hinterland.


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