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HKFB is a project of an initiative Food Blogs Contest by Founder As Tommy Yuen. The 2nd edition we started in August, September till end of October 2019 as an new International Food Blogs platform for individuals to write about their recipes, restaurant meals, opinions and food experiences in a public forum. Some argue facetiously that everyone with a fork and an Internet connection has a weblog of his or her own.All who support for us: as an Master team from the Cooking Academy to the Top Chef.We all like to read and tell food stories. And we like to eat. And we cook together. We do love good food blogs. In this contest, bloggers who have an chance to start posting their personal thoughts and recipes regularly on their blogs. We just started to collect and introduce these food blogs. To make this Food blogs Contest successful we will have Top winner announcement.

We are the Media Production AMS of the Hong Kong Food Blogs Stage Platform, an new Food blogs Season from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. On behalf of our team, we are hereby interest you with a Food Blogs DJ Outdoor event which will be part of Open Calls Registration for Food and Travel Bloggers, We sincerely hope to have the honour to organize the event in your premise. For your knowledge the event is an Food Blogs DJ Outdoor stage will perform and Young Talent Choreography Street Dancers which will involve the show to display their performance on the stage through a series of singing, dancing. The main objective of the Outdoor Stage is to gather lots of HK Locals Bloggers and expose our New Food Blogs Contest Season.
Street Address: J.schaperstraat 15 1432 pr Aalsmeer
Country: The Netherlands
Phone: +31 638031959
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