Tom Duivenvoorden

Full Time
5 months ago

I am a junior business development, sales and marketing professional, holding a bachelor degree in hospitality business management from Hotelschool The Hague (The Netherlands). My areas of expertise are consumer behaviour, event planning, operational management and strategy development.

My public speaking-, research-, leadership-, and communication skills are strong. Furthermore, I am fluent in English and Dutch, intermediate in German and French and novice in Mandarin.

I am familiar Hong Kong’s societal and business culture as a result of my experience working for the Mandarin Oriental. Moreover, I have worked and travelled in China for seven months, gaining an understanding of the culture and the language. My experience throughout this period is what motivates me to, once again, work in Hong Kong.

Due to my broad interest in various industries, I am looking for employment in any market that emphasizes on innovation, expansion, and best-in-class practices.

If you believe that I will be a valuable asset to your organization, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Telephone: +31642299879
LinkedIn: Tom Duivenvoorden