Floortje van der Grinten

2 months ago

My name is Floortje van der Grinten and I am 24 years old. In February 2019 I will graduate from my MSc. in Business Administration, with a major in Marketing and a thesis that I write for the Boston Consulting Group in cooperation with LinkedIn. Before I started my Master's I studied Psychology, also at the University of Amsterdam.


With graduation in sight, I am looking for the next step that fits best with my interests and strengths. In a nutshell: I am analytically strong, a quick learner with widely diverging interests, ultimately looking for a way to make impact. I appreciate building relationships, facing new challenges and expanding my comfort zone. Industries where there is plenty of room for growth and constant personal development, and where teamwork is the key to success, appeal to me. 


I am looking for an internship/job opportunity in Hong Kong primarily in the field of (Digital) Marketing, however I am also open to positions in other departments. The most important thing to me is that I can learn a great deal and that I can add value to the company.


Because of my strong interest in the Far East, I already lived in Shanghai for 6 months and also went to Japan for an innovation programme last summer. The only thing left is to live and work in Asia's world city: Hong Kong. I believe that my adaptability and flexibility, as proven by my ease in integrating into different cultures and educational environments, as well as my curiosity and hunger, will prove very valuable in making my time in Hong Kong a successful one.


Any help or recommendations in finding an internship or job in Hong Kong, starting from March 2019, will be highly appreciated. I will be available for an indefinite period of time.


Many thanks in advance,

Floortje van der Grinten