Felix den Ottolander

Full Time
2 months ago

My name is Felix den Ottolander and I am 27 years old. I currently work at the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), an independent market conduct authority that is committed to promoting fair and transparent financial markets in The Netherlands. I am looking for job opportunities in Hong Kong primarily in the field of development economics, business intelligence services and think tanks related to socio-economic policy and (geo)politics. 

As for my academic background, I hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Economics and a research master’s degree in Philosophy and Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Fuelled by my academic training in both economics and analytical philosophy, I am eager to integrate different perspectives and to question the status quo. I have also developed a passion for writing, both academically as well as on a more personal note. 

In addition to my professional and academic pursuits, I am particularly engaged with the economic, political and social developments in China, as well as Chinese culture and linguistics. Prior to entering university, I have worked as a volunteer English teacher in Xinjiang, China’s most north-western province. During my bachelor exchange, I have studied both economics and (Mandarin) Chinese in Shanghai, resulting in a proficiency level of A2. I have also explored China’s less travelled regions, which acted as a catalyser for my understanding of the complexities of Chinese history and culture as well as its rapidly modernising society. My ambition is to continue my career by engaging with the current developments in China. 


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